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Stock trading has a peculiar character – there’s no single way to do it! It is the knack to analyze and predict market sentiments to produce a valuable ROI. And the closest way to get across is a centralized dashboard for global users and enterprises. The ZEDXE exchange unifies the trading and finance experience on a single platform for negligible errors, faster transactions and an overarching enhanced portfolio competency.

  • Engineered by an institutional-grade security system
  • Superlative throughput rates to combat transaction latency
  • In Compliance with Industry 4.0 standards

The Story of ZEDXE
Overhauling the crypto trading ecosystem The Story of ZEDXE

Our association with Blockchain goes back to 2014 when the markets had just woken up to the possibilities of a decentralized world. While the industry experts locked horns over the ideology, we had decoded solutions to the unaddressed issues of the trading community.

And to this day, when the world is flocking to Security Token Offering (STO) solution, ZEDXE is positioned as a pioneer of the ecosystem. With a strong foundation in the Middle Eastern markets, ZEDXE is fast emerging in other parts of the world.

  • 2017

    ZEDXE R & D kick-starts

  • Mar 2017 – Nov 2017

    ZEDXE founder appointed as Middle East / UAE Ambassador for LISK Blockchain platform.

  • Dec 2017 – June 2018

    First Fundraising Campaign

  • August 2018

    Product Development Phase 1

  • October 2018

    Product Soft Launch at the GITEX event

  • 2018 – 2020

    75,000+ Users
    Exchange was LIVE and now rebranded with


The ZFL token is currently listed on Coinlim, Folgory and Bilaxy Exchanges. Organically, the 24-hour trading volume has impressively scaled to 120,000,000 (120M). Going forward, ZEDXE will host more coins followed by listing ZFL on other exchtanges to multiply its volume, traction and the price. Anticipating such a price appreciation, the coin’s growth will multifold as the platform introduces new products to the exchange.

  • Growing Community

    ZEDXE platform

  • ZFL (ERC20)

    Total Supply
    480 Million
    Circulation supply –

  • Accreditation


ZEDXE Business Mission
Embrace Mainstream Adoption Business Mission

The ZFL token will grow in value in the long-term perspective, owing to our deflationary model of token economics. We would use 20% of its profits to buy out a part of ZFL tokens and burn them quarterly. The ZFL token circulating supply will be reduced to 120 Million since operating activities will generate an annual profit of about 500 Million USD that includes the valuation of the circulating supply. Henceforth, we are pacing ahead to actualize the following milestones.

Year Number of IEOs Capital Raised (Average) Total Raised Exchange 5% success fee
2020 9 USD 1 million USD 9 million USD 450,000
2021 12 USD 2 million USD 24 million USD 1.2 Million

Financing between USD 5,000 and USD 50,000, to the Corporate Retail Sector in the form of ZFL tokens following strict due diligence of Proof of Business Identity on Sidechain, Smart Contract, and Point of Sale analysis.

Focus: Generating up to 25% profit sharing facility for the Borrowers.

To build a liquidity pool of USD 50 million by the end of 2020. This will cover Pre-IEO, IEO, and other exchange listings. The funds raised from these initiatives will be invested in Blockchain/crypto projects across different sectors and geographies.

Focus: Reach 2X-5X appreciation of this liquidity pool fund

  • Integrate the dealers’ license to support advisory, fundraising, and IEOs in a regulated environment.
  • Obtain a banking license and financial advisory licenses such as an Asian/UK/Europe/US FX exchange license.
  • 2020-21Enterprise Focus
  • Build ZEDXE Investment Bank and expand compliance and operations to support and execute in a regulated environment, on the ZEDXE Exchange.
  • Launch our ZEDXE Exchange VC Fund which will help and support the platform, investing in complementary blockchain technologies and companies looking to list assets on the ZFL exchange.

ZFL TokenEconomics Economics

The following fee model is used to trade ZFL token

Trading fees

Traders who utilize ZFL tokens to pay the trading fee will leverage a 50% discount on their trading fee whereas the others will be charged a standard fee of 0.1%.

Withdrawal fees

The withdrawal fee is dynamic and automatically adjusted based on the market conditions. The current withdrawal fee is 0.01 ETH for ERC-20 tokens.

Listing fees

A project willing to list its digital asset on the ZedXe Exchange will have to pay a decent fee when not proceeding with the IEO package.

Transaction fees

Users can utilize ZFL tokens to pay transaction fees on the ZFL blockchain. The fees will be adjusted periodically.


Fees paid on the ZFL blockchain will be equally distributed among all validator nodes.


Users will be able to leverage staking, lending, borrowing & dividend from our upcoming DEFI program.


  • ZFL Finance option: collateral-based insured SME loan facilityQ1 2021
  • Commence 3 IEOs on the ZEDXE platformQ1 2021
  • Provide institutional and individual OTC market escrow servicesQ1 2021
  • Develop digital assets derivatives dashboard under ZEDXE platformQ2 2021
  • Commence 3 IEOs on the ZEDXE platformQ2 2021
  • Develop ZEDXE futuresQ2 2021
  • Fixed deposits and investments of digital assetsQ2 2021
  • Commence 3 IEOs on ZEDXE platformQ3 2021
  • Partner with international remittance service providers to maximize the utility of ZFL tokenQ4 2021
  • Branding and marketing of ZFL/ZEDXE on different international platformsQ1-Q4 2021


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